‘M3GAN’ Dances, Sings, and Murders In a Horror Film Unlike Any Other

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Before M3GAN even releases in theaters, the Blumhouse horror film will have already spawned bajillions of memes on social media. Soon, it will be named the best movie of 2023—and it’s only January. The campy romp will then land on the next Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time list. Rumor has it that the Library of Congress has already reached out to producer Jason Blum to add M3GAN to the National Film Registry. M3GAN herself has allegedly been invited to present the Oscar for Best Picture later this year.

Jokes aside, the cult following of M3GAN—which began all the way back when the first poster was unveiled last April—will be relieved to hear that the movie shines. Not only does M3GAN serve up absolute chaos with dance scenes, absurd needle drops, and uproarious kills, but it also presents a riveting storyline. The hype isn’t all memes and video clips from Twitter; the movie itself is actually a bunch of fun too.

From the very first scene (which I won’t spoil; it’s far funnier to go in blind), M3GAN knows exactly the kind of movie it wants to be: playful, but still thrilling. After that scene, the story begins: while on a winter vacation with her parents, pipsqueak Cady (Violet McGraw) kibitzes with a talking furry doll (similar to a Gremlin) in the backseat of the family car. Cady’s animatronic irritates her father far too much, causing him to drive the car into a major snowplow, killing both parents and injuring Cady in the wreck. This, along with that killer opening scene, all happen within the first 200 seconds of the film.

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Source: ‘M3GAN’ Dances, Sings, and Murders In a Horror Film Unlike Any Other

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