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Russia Can Finally See That Putin’s ‘Days Are Numbered’

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images

More than two decades after he came to power, President Putin’s grip on the Russian people is finally starting to falter.

The war in Ukraine has opened up a credibility gap, and for the first time many Russians no longer feel they can trust what their leader is saying to them. Combined with tough economic sanctions, funds being re-allocated to the war, and conscription drives across the country, the costs of this vainglorious conquest are becoming more and more difficult to take.

Even loyal Russians have plenty of questions for Putin right now. And the Kremlin is running out of ways to cope with the pressure. In the past, a scripted appearance, or a half-naked staged photoshoot would be enough to get the domestic media back on side. Sometimes, they even gave independent reporters a chance to ask Putin one or two sensitive questions—which he would quickly and vigorously dismiss.

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Source: Russia Can Finally See That Putin’s ‘Days Are Numbered’

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