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Home of Iranian climber who competed without hijab reportedly destroyed

The family home of 33-year-old Elnaz Rekabi has been destroyed, according to the outlet IranWire. Rekabi drew international attention after representing Iran in an international climbing competition without her headscarf, which is a violation of Iranian law.

Video footage from IranWire shows what appears to be Rekabi’s home being demolished, with her brother Davood Rekabi in tears. An unidentified man recording the video can be heard saying, “This is the result of living in this country.” Davood Rekabi also reportedly posted an image on social media with the caption “Where are you, justice?” The family home was located in the northwestern Iranian province of Zanjan. It is unclear whether the home was destroyed by government orders.

Rekabi has apologized for not wearing a hijab, claiming she did so accidentally; however, many were concerned her statement was made unwillingly, CNN reports. Following her return to Iran, she was reportedly placed on house arrest while many praised her for her bravery.

Iran has been experiencing revolutionary protests following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody after allegedly violating Iran’s hijab laws. Many Iranians around the world have shown their support for the protests, including Iran’s World Cup team

“Whatever [life] gives us, we accept it, whether it is grief, happiness, bitterness or poison,” Rekabi’s brother added in his social media post.

Source: Home of Iranian climber who competed without hijab reportedly destroyed

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