‘The Kardashians’ Season 2 Finale Recap: A Boring Disaster

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Fellow Kardashian Kitties, our long national nightmare is over. (Snoozefest is probably more accurate. Nightmares, at least, allow you to feel something.) After nine episodes—half of which were about Kim squeezing her ass into a dead woman’s garmentThe Kardashians Season 2 culminates in yet another high-fashion event. And once again, Kim does her best to convince us that this one’s actually a really big deal.

To her credit, this Balenciaga show in Paris is kind of a big deal, given that Kim is modeling a gown and not just an observer. If you were on Twitter this past July, you’ve probably already seen videos of her Ramona Singer walk, which she showed off on the runway alongside Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell. The fittings before the show are about as exciting as Kim’s robotic strut. But we get to see North West wearing cool outfits and be generally more charismatic than her mother, which is something?

It turns out we don’t see Kravis’ SponCon wedding after all and get a quaint dinner with their blended families instead. Meanwhile, Kylie is dragging her daughter Stormi to the Billboard Music Awards and reminding us how hard it is to be a young, hot mom. Overall, we don’t get the impression that this family wants to return for a third season—unless Kris Jenner says so, of course. Let’s break down this deeply underwhelming finale one couture fitting at a time.

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Source: ‘The Kardashians’ Season 2 Finale Recap: A Boring Disaster

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