Watch a Person Move a Wheelchair With Just Their Brain

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No one, not even José del R. Millán, was expecting Subject 1 to have a breakthrough when he did. The 26-year-old, who has tetraplegia with no mobility below the neck, had to be hospitalized part-way through Millán’s study for an unrelated complication, and he had gone through more than 20 training sessions to operate a brain-controlled wheelchair without much to show for it.

Yet, he surprised everyone including Millán when something clicked into place and he was able to control the wheelchair during his last training sessions. He even navigated it through a cluttered room in a German clinic with near-perfect accuracy.

“We would have never been able to predict the breakthrough for Subject 1,” Millán, a computer engineering and neurology researcher at The University of Texas at Austin, told The Daily Beast. “Everybody was super excited when we observed that kind of performance.”

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Source: Watch a Person Move a Wheelchair With Just Their Brain

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