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‘The Real Housewives’ Could Learn a Thing or Two From ‘Zootopia’


I’m not a Housewives fan, but I do have several of Those People in my life. I respect them, even if I don’t share their affection for a franchise that centers deeply unlikable, affluent people and their unrelatable, largely banal dramas.

That said, I’m now inching closer toward understanding the Housewives lovers that I can’t stop running into. My education comes from an unlikely source: Zootopia+, the new Disney+ series of shorts based on the animated feature film, which does an adorable parody of the reality TV franchise in its second episode.

I love Zootopia more than might be appropriate for a 28-year-old, especially one who firmly subscribes to the maxim A.C.A.B. (Judy Hopps, I love you, but you’re still a dang cop.) What can I say—I love anthropomorphic animals that have human jobs and wear human clothes and say funny things! Zootopia+ focuses on the stories we missed out on during the actual movie, filled with even more fun mammalian characters.

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Source: ‘The Real Housewives’ Could Learn a Thing or Two From ‘Zootopia’

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