13 Free Halloween Games Online for a Ghostly Good Time

Looking for a fun seasonal game to play during a coffee break? Want some cute Halloween games that are safe for your kids? These free online Halloween games are enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

You can control a telekinetic pumpkin who tries to survive or find your way through a puzzling, haunted house. For a slower-paced game, try a Halloween-themed card game or challenge yourself to mahjong. Whatever your favorite game genre, this list has you covered.

Keep in mind that free online games typically show you an ad or two before you play or in between levels.

Arcade Games

Whether Halloween night after things die down or the week leading up to it, you can visit a spooky land, enjoy a shooting game, or cook up something good.

1. Telekinetic Pumpkin

You’re a ripe pumpkin trying to survive as robots have taken over the planet. Use your telekinetic powers to eliminate the attacking drones. Move objects with your mind, teleport to different locations, and stay alive in this unique futuristic arcade game.

Drag your mouse to move objects, double-click to teleport, and see how high you can score before you’re knocked out.

2. Stupid Zombies

A long-time favorite is available right in your browser, Stupid Zombies. Make your way through each level by taking down the zombies around you. You have limited ammunition, so aim well and take advantage of the ricochet from each shot you deliver.

Drag your mouse to aim and release to shoot. There are tons of levels to work your way through, and hone your shooting skills as you go.

3. Cooking Fast Halloween

Serve the hungry diners their Halloween treats before the timer runs out, and they become impatient. Your goal is to collect coins by successfully serving as many customers as possible to move on to the next level.

Use your mouse button to place food on the grill and stir the pot. Then, select the item to serve to the guest.

Puzzle Games

Get ready to meet the undead or dress up your jack-o-lantern with these Halloween puzzlers.

4. Forgotten Hill: Fall

Solve puzzles to make your way through the frightening house in Forgotten Hill: Fall. All you have is a flashlight, so use it to find items you can collect in each room. As you move about the house, you’ll see puzzles galore. How you solve them is a mystery in itself but worth it.

Use your mouse button to collect items, move through rooms, and present the items you find to solve the puzzles.

5. Adam and Eve: Zombies

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a caveman with the skills to outrun cat zombies, this is the game for you. Adam and Eve: Zombies is a cartoon-style puzzler where you must figure out what to select to defeat the meowing zombies blocking your escape.

Use your mouse button to select items, move objects, and get Adam out of there.

6. Boo

For a funky way to play Simon Says, check out Boo. Use the paint, hat, eye patches, and other items to create a pumpkin that matches the one you see. For example, you may need one white eye, one black eye, and a combination of yellow and blue pumpkins.

Your goal is to figure out what to do in the proper order and with the correct colors to make the matching pumpkin. Don’t be fooled; it’s tougher than it looks.

Card and Board Games

Adventure games aren’t for everyone. Maybe you just want a relaxing casual game with a bit of Halloween flair.

7. Spooky Tripeaks

If you like card games, why not a fun-filled Spooky Tripeaks Halloween game? The gameplay is like any other Tripeaks you’ve enjoyed. Play a card one higher or lower than the card displayed to clear the board. You can use jokers and gain bonuses by clicking on the ghost, ghouls, and other spooky characters on the screen.

Use your mouse button to select a card, turn over the next one in the deck, or pop a character for something extra. See if you can play your way through all 100 scary levels.

8. Halloween Connect

Mahjong, anyone? For a spooky way to play your favorite game, Halloween Connect gives you a holiday-themed matching game of mahjong with eerie background music.

Select two matching tiles next to each other, connect through cleared tiles, or link on the outside of the board. Move through the levels, collect chain bonuses, and see how much time it takes for you to score.

Kids Games

Although you may find one or more of the above games suitable for your child, the ones below are made especially for kids.

9. Arthur’s Tricks and Treats

A PBS kids’ favorite for many years, Arthur joins in the holiday fun. Arthur’s Tricks and Treats is a cute matching game of sorts. Each trick-or-treater shows up with a request for candy, fruit, or other items. Select the correct sweets and drag them to the guest to move on to the next.

Use your mouse button to select and drag items and refill the goodie bowl.

10. Moonlight Mazes

Join Buster and D.W. as you search for rocks, frogs, butterflies, and other items in a corn maze on the Reed family farm. Your lantern lights the way as you find your items and make your way to the maze exit.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrow buttons on the screen to move. Walk up to an item to collect it, exit, and move on to the next maze.

11. Halloween Word Search

If your child enjoys word search puzzles, then they’ll love this one full of Halloween words to find. You have nine words to track down that can be across, down, diagonal, or backward. Find all the words in the puzzle and move on to the next one.

Use your mouse to drag through the letters in each word.

12. Halloween Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooters are always fun, and this Halloween-themed option for kids is no different. The bubbles pop out of the cauldron and float where you direct them.

Use your mouse button to aim and release a bubble of the same color or pattern to match three or more and clear them. Continue matching and clearing bubbles before they reach the bottom.

13. Halloween Memory

Memory games are great for kids, especially young ones. This Halloween Memory game offers cute characters, neat sound effects, and fun music.

Use your mouse button to select one card at a time. Try to remember which cards are where to make matches and move through the levels.

Many holidays are good for themed online games, and Halloween is no exception. Have an enjoyable time leading up to your Halloween party or trick-or-treating adventure with these entertaining games.

Happy Halloween!

Source: 13 Free Halloween Games Online for a Ghostly Good Time

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