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Putin Accused of Plotting Another ‘Full-Scale Offensive’ in Kremlin Leak


Russian President Vladimir Putin has plans to launch a full-scale offensive next year in Ukraine, which would mark a significant escalation from the “partial mobilization” Moscow initiated last month, according to Meduza, which cites “multiple” sources close to the Kremlin.

To stall before launching a fuller onslaught, Putin is working to drum up peace talks with Ukraine again, potentially through engaging in a ceasefire, Meduza reports. During that time, the Russian president reportedly hopes to have his troops trained up and prepared for fighting in Ukraine.

His alleged designs, though, don’t align with reality. Ukrainian leadership has indicated for months now that Ukraine will not engage in peace talks while Moscow continues to wage war inside Ukraine. After Russia claimed parts of Ukrainian territory as its own last month—a move which world leaders have denounced as illegal—Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that negotiating with Putin would be “impossible.”

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Source: Putin Accused of Plotting Another ‘Full-Scale Offensive’ in Kremlin Leak

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