Leaked Images of Logitech’s New Gaming Handheld Hint It Supports Major Streaming Services

Logitech has a new cloud-based gaming handheld in the works, and while the company seems to be reluctant to share details, a leaker has gotten his hands on a few images. What they show is that unlike many devices in the burgeoning handheld market, this streaming console seems like it is trying to offer users multiple routes to get their gaming fix.

Noted and generally reliable leaker Evan Blass images on Monday depicting the new Logitech cloud gaming device. All those images have since been taken down , according to following tweets.

Of course, just like those photos you put up on Facebook in middle school, once an image is out in the wild, there’s no getting it back. In addition to the above Google search, many of the the images are still up .

The leak comes after Logitech’s gaming division recently a new partnership with Chinese video game publisher Tencent Games to create a cloud-based gaming handheld. Logitech said their new device would connect with a multiple game streaming services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

But what wasn’t mentioned in Logitech’s official release was the device’s apparent connection to the Google Play Store, which can be easily seen in some of the leaked images. This could mean Android games and other apps will run natively. Icons for Steam also hint at the availability of remote play from users’ PC gaming library.

Logitech has not yet responded to Gizmodo’s request for comment on whether the images are legitimate, or if it filed DMCA takedowns, but the images seem legit and show all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern on-the-go gaming console. Its silhouette most resembles a Nintendo Switch (though the “A” and “B” buttons are swapped, apparently not sharing the Japanese company’s predilection to confuse my poor thumb). The two pairs of shoulder buttons are more recessed than a Steam Deck, although each end of the device comes down slightly south of the screen to offer more of a game controller vibe.

We also have no evidence to confirm the leakers’ posted specs, but it makes sense that the device is based off a Qualcomm chip, whose G3X lineup is regularly cited as the new of mobile gaming, as shown by past leaks of a . And we don’t have details on the price, but can likely expect that it will cost less than a and more than a .

Source: Leaked Images of Logitech’s New Gaming Handheld Hint It Supports Major Streaming Services

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